Rioja Nature Pharma, S.L is committed to quality and food safety.

Our current quality and food safety protocols have been put into place both through our own stringent requirements and those of our clients.

We are engaged in continuous objectives for improvement. We adapt our procedures to the requirements of the quality standards or protocols that our clients demand.


  • Manufacture of dietary supplements (Num RGSEAA 26.10.201/LO).
  • Manufacture of cosmetic products (Nº 9660CS).
  • Manufacture of dietary supplements for animal usage (Nº de Registro ESP 26036497).


  • IFS Food V.6, November 2017. (Certificado ES15/17259).
  • Manufacture of organic products. . (Certificado RI-1152)
  • GMP (Good Practice Guide for Manufacturing and Commercialisation of Food Supplements)
  • Authorised for the manufacture of feed premixes and compound feed for animals. (Nº Registro: α ESP 26036497. Código B,C)
  • Standardised working procedures that fulfil the requirements of the Halal Guarantee standards.
  • Best practice for the manufacture of cosmetic products in accordance with UNE-EN- ISO 22716 Standards.
  • FDA registered
  • SFDA (Saudi Food & Drug Authority) registered
  • UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention, registered

We belong to the following associations:

  • AFEPADI (Spanish Trade Association of Food Supplements and Dietary Products.).
  • STAMPA (Spanish Association of Cosmetics Producers).