Our company has two separate production areas.

  • Dietary supplements laboratory: capsules, pearls, coated and uncoated tablets, in bottle or blister formats, unit dose sachets, powder, phial and syrup packaging.
  • Cosmetics laboratory: unit dose ampoules and phials, creams, gels, emulsions and oil packaging.

All of our facilities are fitted with an air treatment system that allows them to be classed as ISO Class 5, 7 and 8 cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 14644-1 standards. This system includes terminal HEPA filters, ambient dehumidification equipment, localised dust extraction systems, differential pressure between adjacent rooms, heating and air conditioning.

The weighing of raw materials is carried out in a laminar low cabinet, to guarantee a greater degree of quality in the process.

Our system of constant improvement and total reinvestment makes our facilities a competitive advantage, both in terms of technical and productive capacity.