Softgel Manufacturers (pearls)

We are softgel capsules bespoke manufacturers; we have dual-equipment that allows us manufacturing softgels with both animal (bovine or fish), and Vegan wrapping. We manufacture to measure, and develop the formulas according each Client’s requirements and needs. We have different formats for the softgel production and its packaging, so we can deliver the product in Bulk, blister or pillbox bottle.

 Soft gelatin capsules of superior quality that comply with all current global standards

  1. Exceptional flexibility due to our vertical integration
  2. Short delivery times
  3. Tailor-made softgels, based on the customer’s own formulations and/or ingredients
  4. Small and medium-large production runs
  5. Innovative products based on continuous market research and development
  6. Complete reliability in a 100% family company with more than 12 years’ experience


We produce softgel with any oil (fish, evening primrose, borage, pumpkin, flax, wheat germ, etc.) or oil-based + active formulas (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, extracts, etc.) We have not softgel stock as we work on request.

These are the formats that we currently have, although we are always open to incorporate new ones:

• Animal covering (bovine gelatine (which is the most standard), porcine or fish): 3 oval (about 180 mg), 10 oval (about 500 mg), 20 oblong (about 1000 mg), 22 oblong (about 1200 mg), 24 oblong (1300 mg).

• Veg covering (tapioca starch): 10 oval (approx 500 mg)

We can manufacture any product that you need with animal covering. In the case of the Veg covering, we have validated the following ones:

• Evening primrose oil.

• Linen oil.

• Chia oil.

• Borraja's oil.

• Vitamin D3 / K2-7 / A (Sunflower or Olive)

• Seaweed oil.

• Fish oil.

In case you were interested in a different reference, please inquiry.

Our minimum order is 150,000 capsules if the covering is standard (natural colour or opaque dark brown, see quantities for special colours). The minimum order may vary depending on the minimum purchase order required by the raw material’s supplier.

Delivery period from the signature of the order confirmation:

• Animal gelatine (Bovine, porcine, fish): 5 weeks for bulk orders and 8 weeks for packaged orders (blister or bottle).

• Veg gelatine (tapioca starch): 10 weeks for bulk orders and 12 weeks for packaged orders (only for bottles).

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