What do we do

Defining the product: we put forward recommendations for ingredients that meet our clients´ needs, in terms of the predicted usage, current legislation, target market, health claims and the use of trademarked raw materials. We offer the most appropriate formula depending on the selected ingredients, dosage and posology.

Acceptance testing: To confirm the validity of the proposed composition, we carry out production testing (encapsulation, compression, disaggregation, friability, solubility, taste, coating, gastro-resistance, etc.) to test the product´s physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics.

Inner packaging: Selection of the most appropriate material and format to guarantee the physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics throughout its shelf life.

>European registration: European notification of the product and the preparation of the necessary documentation for its commercialisation.

Legal assessment of labelling.

Manufacture: Turnkey product.